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FYIGM and other stuff

Posted on 2006.10.19 at 13:42
Current Music: jeniferever- from accross the sea
yeah YFGM at weekend and it all went pretty well i think, considering i got to socialise more than i thought i would. Go yfgm pubbing! but no it was great..i got to play harp and all. I met a nice girl called rachel from brum who knew loads of music i knew, which was cool and got to know another girl ellen from norwich much better, she has a sister in fitz who i found out was older than me but she might come visit on sat and drop in to sit on my bed. Also saw julia again, who i did group work course with many a year ago. she's best freinds with tamsin and i can see similarities..like saying "bird" and that. but no YFGM was cool and I got to do my lil speech on my quaker identity which went really well and although i was nervous as bum i got up (shaking) and just did it really casually so everyone loved it. I went last which was a shame cuz i wasn't concentrating on the earlier speeches as much..too much worry. But no it was good. I was reminded of the end of the quaker youth pilgrimage when the american pastor Ken prayed for us to basically be our own people and be able to explain ourselves. I feel like 2 years later and it's something I can do now confidently. For the next 4 months i'm convenor (king) of Quinti..which sounds quite impressive i don't think it'll be much work just making sure we all talk to each other and things get done. But i get to look after a nice blue box full of quaker goodness. and the other good thing from YFGM was the Trident intrest group i went to..originally cuz maud wanted to go to 2 sessions i said i'd go and tell her about it. It actually turned out to be really good. the session leader kat/cat? was playing devils advocate and got us to consider the reasons for having nuclear arms..and it was a bit challenging at the start and kinda shook me. But we did against reasons and i talked and i think i came out stronger the other side. It was a really good sesh thanks kat. Also got to know this guy nick better, he's the first person i ever met at YFGM and he's cool. keeps using the word celebration so i'm gonna try to use it too...THere's a party in pardshaw 19th -22nd of december i'm gonna try and persuade as many people i can to go...should be cool

p.s. I'm not doing my radio show this year i thougt i'd try and upload random tracks on to my LJ anyone know how to do that?

p.p.s. do i have to do stuff like this http://youtube.com/watch?v=sRobW40mZAw


Big BLog and it needs one

Posted on 2006.08.28 at 22:32
Current Location: brum
Current Music: yes
Thinking that i haven't done this for ages now would be a good time. Just got back from edingburggh..i think i hitch-hiked to morroco since the last entry, so let's just drop that in in passing to make me sound cool. But yeah Edinburgh. Ok cuz i'm the person i am i did this.

Edinburgh Mix CD

1.Gareth Brown Says - Mclusky
Ok so i really wanted to start with this one. Will remind me of the band John and Tom and me never got round to making..now john has left for Mexico. THe last night when we partied harder than andrew WK. and that's pretty hard. went round dirnking a guy from the beatles was coming on to JAck..quite funny..ringo's always had a thing for him. But we went back to nick(john's sister)'s flat for a bit had like a big corridor of water to wade through so we could sit in the garden and watch the sunrise..on the way walking back through the meadows i met a nice autralian girl called stacie and played her this song..missing john already i was in a mclusky mood. she listened to about 5 words of this song before throwing the headphones at me..it was hilarious...and then I pulled....and got a 7 am bus home

2.Southwood plantation road - mountain goats
Mountain goats are excellent, this song has the line "our conversations are like minefields, no ones found a safe way through one yet". thought it was funny with this girl megan from magdelene cuz we're kinda quite opposite but she was fun, kinda rowing cindies goer sorta fun. didn't like that i was in the we hate cindies facebook group and stuff.

3.The lost song - the cat empire
Just a bit haunting, reminded me of walking up the mound. looking for something or other.

4.St.francis dam disaster -frank black
I brought Dog in the sand by frank black...this is my favourite track off it and is THE EDINBURGH TRACK that will always remind me of the whole experience from beginnning to end. really really really good.

5.My Angel rocks back and forth - four tet
It was in the soundtrack of the 1984 production we had in the first week sold out everynight. Very good and they'd done the moving mechanically really well

6.Tokyo - THe books
I didn't listen to this album as much as others but when i arrived i listened to the whole "welcome to japan airlines"

7.A winner needs a wand -sufjan stevens
Both this and 'we are what you say' remind me of walking around ediburgh at dusk and isn't it a beautiful city with old churches and good skylines. walking to usher hall for a bruckner symphony or down st stephens street to aurora nova where i saw great physical theatre interpretive dance, a production called knots about relationships(like tying the knots) very good stories and moveing when this guy ripped his heart out and tried to give it to the girl. and a couple who married not because they wanted to, but because they wanted the other to want them. if that makes sense. words were all like jack and jill meets therapy session. a guy from the DV8 group Arun said he saw one of their films and it's really good...mayb more on that later.

8.Mr E's beautiful blues - the EEls
9.THis charming man- smiths
just cuz these are 2 of my fave bands. Eels was playing when we saw newsrevue with all the quakers...like an unfunny bremner bird and fortune. and smiths was playing in the scream bar where me and nicola and luke spiers went for a coupla pints. Also we went clubbing and although they never played it I requested smiths at this electro club and it's a great club song. Nicola was sally+tom's friend and had been in china the last year but she knew the smiths..we're really good friends now.

10. Days like these - cat empire
Just cool edinburgh..street theatre...to the beat
11. I've seen your picture- fb
"I went away on the road that i was on"
12. What we've learned -mcclusky
Has a line about television. I met a nice girl called Ally who played the part of television in the "death by audience" vote off genres of theatre you don't like...funny, audience participation, original and educational. BLOBBY LIVED!! but yeah Ally said she was from Wankaster..it was then that i knew i wanted her. But I fear she may have caught me in to many geeky convo's with her friends about comics or hedwig. or was too proud that i still liked to drink cheap cider in the park.

13. See America Right - mountain goats
THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!!Listening to it on the bus it's got dirty bass and makes you stare at people angry.
"If i never make it back to birmingham i want you to know i love ya
But my love is like a dark cloud full of rain that's always right there up above ya."

14. like spinning plates - Radiohead
Train home through big hills..no signal...feeling really upset cuz i said goodbye to it all. I think the most upset i have been since the end of the pilgrimage. It was at the end of meeting for worship on the sunday morning saying goodbye to tony and pat and phil mainly..they'd been great. Then on the way down the stairs i was watering and saw mary on the desk she saw me and gave me a big hug. Said let it out, if people keep it in you get psychopath pensioners or something funy. Like when i gave tony a hug and said handshakes are for strangers. he said i'm no stranger than you...always with the puns..tony thought up the title for shakespears new play both times i went. The first time was "lava's labours lost" set in peru...the second in wales "alls wales that ends wales" cuz the guys were all from wales.

15. We are what you say - sufjan
16. Sweet - lamb
I thought i'd put this in just cuz rachel who did realism knew lamb...however nicola who did music knew hedwig. Might get cut we'll see.
17. Bullet - Frank Black
This is a great song too this is the train journey there and getting into the whole frank black which song is gonna sum up this journey. Also fell asleep with my big headphones on quite a few times over the 3 weeks. "I've got some good friends there"

18. The Crowd - Cat empire
Walking round the street theatre..Like WOW an 8ft unicycle amazing...end of week can't move for flipping 8ft unicycles. Good stuff...too many excapoligists tho. But yeah i felt FRee and unbound.
19. Silver -Jesu
AFter going out the first time with the shakey people. walked the mission home drunkenly played this to some "really fit girls" I was talking to joel on the phone. Joel was great and basically made the last week as fun as the first 2 put together...well him and the welsh peeps. kept calling me a lovely knobhead...but can you trust people who say lush babe. anyway it's a good last track. so yeah there's the edinburgh album...first draft...might change a bit. and i know i haven't talked about many of the shows at all. see my review of basket on the venue40 website..also wrote the THor one for redreamt on the edfringe site. but i think i'll leave those festering till they've sunk in and i can drop them in convo's...but saw some ibsen, orwell, tim robbins, saw good intense theatre good ole' BBC radio 4 monologues...infact a play called bloggers was awsome, stand-ups, really liked henrik elmer sweirdish stand-up was right up my street with oddness, kinda borderline creepy but really funny sat right infront of him and he put his props on my table, russel howard, alun cochrane, symphony, film shorts, fancy dance, fireworks, climbed arther's seat with megan, journeyed to the centre of the earth. saw american vaudeville...those vaudevillians..that was near the beginning i can click my fingers pretty well..they had a joke about being able to bend spoons but they didn't have a spoon to bend....oh so funny....I threw a spoon on stage...and i only paid for like half these shows...I feel inspired to return to the crescent amateur theatre. I'l e-mail them tommorow see if they need any help with arts fest.



Posted on 2006.03.07 at 17:47
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: incubus mexico

My pirate name is:

Calico Jack Kidd

Often indecisive, you can't even choose a favorite color. You're apt to follow wherever the wind blows you, just like Calico Jack Rackham, your namesake. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.

That's a bit of a lame one...but it's because i have 4 supervisions this week and haven't done work i was supposed to hand in 4 hours ago, i'm procrastinating like a dog in filth. newgrounds is partly due to this....just one more game of holy avenger;....

Posted on 2006.02.21 at 01:53
Current Music: collected twilight - dalek
ermm....busy week can't remember what featured last time but NME then all-nighter working then nikki came to see me i was supposed to go out wed but fell asleep halfway though neighbours..thursday saw ELBOW who were fab-tastic then went to nottingham for YFGM i'll come back to arrived back last night for emma r's birthday party with some of the people from 126 from sidney sussex which was cool. today just slept watched spooks and film called saints+soldiers by some mormons. tommorow i thought i'd have an anti-birthday where i give things to people i never got birthday presents for.


cool, train with Hereward we bought ciabattas and cottage cheese for lunch that was like £2 cheaper than a baguette and probably more filling....why did i write that...arrived sam walton was there the ninja that he is and recomended some chris T-T to me which i've downloaded..it's ok...i'll get back when i've made up more of a mind...he does say something along the lines of "yeah the countryside alliance..let's call them the cunts for short" good to see peoples like lailah and Kri5 all over again...and with so many people from back home it's like i've got no reason to be homesick..yeah there was a really helpful discussion on the heart of christianity where there was like 8 or 10 of us some newcomers as well, but got mostly chatting with this teacher who was in my base groups...and a guy who'd been on the alpha course..he also said he'd written something about what he thought he believed, might be interesting to read and talk to him next time, and a girl from cambridge but is in london while i'm here so i don't think we can meet particularly easily...cool session where we talked about language and words we were comfortable with or comfortable with but wouldn't use ourselves and words we weren't. nice to know everyone would use the word god to describe.... .... .....but yeah and lots of convo's going on into the night and stuff also saw helen sladen and chris I it's all cool...got the train back with some norwich crew..which was nice...oh yeah as if i forgot...i set fire to a shot of zambucha....in my mouth...and did the same with a shot of absinthe at emmas party...tho i think joe was the only person to see. ok that's pprobably about it....complex supervision tommrow, half way hall on wed...since there's only 2 mathmo's going we're gonna be on high table...and soundcheck on thursday.....oh yeah and at YFGM i got put on the q.u.i.n.t.i.s.s.e.n.t.i.a.l. commitee..which is basically like elders but for young people and more about being familiar with the business meetings and getting to read QF+P lots....and I'm on it for 3 years, should be good hard work but i'm enthusiastic...now listening to self-bias resistor by fear-factory

Posted on 2006.02.16 at 13:16
I had like 10 hours sleep in 3 days and still couldn't sleep til like 4am last night. I was thinking about what poster i should get for me poster size gap on my wall...i've got an optical illusion, and upside down sunset a piece of surrealism and a comedy guiness poster...and a maximo park one...and the incredibles....for some reason i was thinking it should be "the greatest human acheivment" cuz like the optical thing is like mathsy not particularly human and it's not like we built the sunset. the art isn't really an achievment...well it is but it's more there to influence society...i thought maybe society wass the gha but then think of a way to symbolise that on my wall by like having the white house the senate the house of parliment...think not....then maybe i could have one of like quan duc the buddhist monk who set himself on fire, in protest to occupation in vietnam (not the war, the occupation) i had that on my bedroom door at home..but it's not a happy thing to have in my room...it's not a pretty thing to look at...i'm sure if i asked phil the engineer..he'd tell me about how cranes are amzing...like the daddy and that any thing really cool was built by a crane....that's more the means rather than the ends tho....ok so any ideas?...i'm surprised i'm finding it so hard..i figure either there isn't an answer or there's something really fucking obvious i'm missing....maybe i've already got a guiness poster and having 2 would make me look like a rapist


an echo, a stain

Posted on 2006.02.14 at 08:58
i haven't slept i tried to ..but i just lay in bed for a few hours until people started getting up...i just hid in oleks room after he went to the loo and when he came back in i was kneeling in the corner with a giant blowtron (cardboard tube with a screwed up page of newspaper)
Frightened the beegees out of him...and they were too scared to play "stayin' alive" afterwards.

Posted on 2006.02.13 at 02:53
its been a long time...i think i should start now cuz it's in my memory. had a chat with someone on the internet i'd never met before..i'm downloading series 2 of twin peaks...cuz it's never been brought out on DVD. i saw maximo park and arctic monkeys and mystry jets and...we ARE scientists...that was cool met so many people in/at/after the gig it wasn't funny..including haylien, who invited us to a free party for her mates 21st but seeing as we were hungry we went to get chips...but her friend smiled at me, which gave me a nice fuzzy feeling inside..it's been too long since i've been up castle mound. went to bed at 8 this morning..so slept thru meeting...but i wasn't in bed....i was on bed in my clothes. yeah but anyway..i've done statistics i have groups in for wednesday and then nothing for like a week a narf. need to sort quno out i filled in most of the form..also have my hitchhiking to morroco T-shirt i will be sure to wear at yfgm next week. also nikki is coming to see me on tuesday which will be nice..no one has come to see me so far this term...but it will be cool and I'll take her up castle mound. I have made her compilation and hope she likes it. I'm actually gonna go to bed now.


late night farting

Posted on 2006.02.03 at 02:32
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came back john just shaved his hair off, I'm not feeling too good...went to soul tree last night with quakers..then some other stuff happened, but some of it was semillegal so i'm not gonna say..but we met at 8 after i'd eaten and been asleep since 4..before that cur radio show and after the next guy came along said we were pretty cool and maybe we'll collaborate on some shows if other halfs can't make it. and stayed up all night the night before...cuz i'm cool...it was work then at 6 me and john went up castle mound to watch the sunrise and he read his book he has to finish before 10 am. then i went to my 9 oclock ...and all because i'm a fucking ninja.


fallen asleep enough to do another momento

Posted on 2006.01.29 at 15:48
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maybe i should start on friday...it does get a bit patchy, but the quiz went well, natsci's were there and spud's girlfriends youunger sister. I managed to get a pint of wine to start off with,..then found a half full bottle just on the side which i took to the party went with jack but at the last minute he ran off..so i went in alone and talked to rob iseman for a bit..i think and angus "the onion" abbot and rich barton...people i wouldn't talk to normally. and seth and his g/f in fact almost everyone was there 'cept for people i normally talk to..but eventually they came and i socialised by talking to oli about science vs god episode II ..also noticed olek wore my guinness top i was going to throw away, he's in a bit of a guiness phase at the minute...he just really seems to like it. i formed a band with some 3rd years..gotta e-mail them..admits i hit on wil..and he wasn't impressed. went back to 128 after i'd lost everyone..woke john up who was really nice and gave me a toastie..i ate half of it, then went to throw up...and seem to remember throwing up and beatboxing and blashpheming to the beat...that much red wine made pink puke..but anyway..john was great seeing as how i'd just woken him up..saying yeah will i be ok and all that..got back i think i slept with the door open and the light on...woken up about 12 by jack saying ..you wanna come see munich Edd...i really did so i said yeah..but then i was all pukey and needed a shower, i got out of bed far too fast..i felt awful..back to the present i'm biking to munich..it's amazing...some 15yr olds shout in a rush are ya? and jack said i should punch them. went to sleep had a chat to dandi as well...but she was on a train so didn't talk long before fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....woke up dave had some girls round from tit hall in fact floor one of bo ho cath one of them was sally..a girl i'd previously met at life with hereward. that was cool but we ended up going to the kambar, which wasn't as good as all that..we took to long to leave so had to pay 5 entry..and they didn't play any smiths..and only one radiohead and one cure song. i got back and me and olek and jack sat in my room in the dark burning insense and listening to my ZONED playlist of amongst others radiohead. right now i'm listening to 5 applets of cur radio and it's never sounded wierder...ther's a beat there somewhere...i woke up this morning next to a dismantled toaster and a can of barnstormer i masking taped the top so it wouldn't lose it's flavour over night...*******************************88

Posted on 2006.01.26 at 15:46
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: radio show playlist
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sleeping in til 3 just cuz i can....but was it worth it? Dream:
ok so i think i might've killed 2 people..there were two others i tried to i kept trying to stab them in the heart but after i missed 3 times i just broke down and couldn't do it anymore. i remember the last try just hitting a rib and giving up, collapsing on the floor in a mound of myself. I think this was in a shopping centre...i can't remember the first 2 murders..it all seemed like a horrible dream..but after i woke up everything seemed to indicate it had happened...crime scene...i didn't want to investigate, it's on the news..they don't know about the 2 i just stabbed and didn't kill *outside thought maybe even tho i thought they survived they could be the 2 that died..3 stab wounds is usually pretty fatal* ok anyway..i get back to the coach with my mum and some old quakers on it, it think we were on a pilgrimage..but for this bit i'm awake. i can't tell my mum..we're driving along the road and on the left hand side there's a train going about the same speed..we see my dad running forwards along the roof of the train...my mum says "he used to do it lots when he was younger"..wtf, i get back to cambridge??? i think we've just come out of a club..there's wil and hereward i think...and about 3 randoms who are just hanging about..i want to talk to wil and cuz of this random i tell him i've got a secret and so he eventually fucks off...i tell wil i think i'm the one that killed the people on the news and stabbed some other people too...his reply: "Edd you've gotta come clean, they're gonna charge Morissey for those murders then we won't be able to see him in May"...

And the scariest bit when i woke up i wasn't sure if it was real...and now it's gone we don't know who we are anymore....goes to show what happens when you play condemned before going to bed...at least there were no manakins...in other news my radio show is tonight check <http://cur1350.co.uk/> at midnight til 2am tonight..it's not the graveyard it's just some sound advice..but yeah if people could call in that'd be sound sam if you wanna freestyle i'll give you air time. we're gonna see about getting it moved cuz joe doesn't wanna do 12 til 2 since he has a 9 oclcok the next day...i have 9 oclocks everyday. it's also the quiz me and phil wrote tommrow at cafe so that should be swell, didn't end up going to soul tree last night despite the build up...well there's still cambar on fri or sat to come, and the hitch pub crawl tonight..so maybe its for the best we didn't go, i think i was too tired anyway. I've had 4 supervisions this term 3 on my own and one with tim..oh and the one on tuesday for 2.30 hours i was with sergey for the last hour..but he's so clever that i didn't understand anything that went on the last hour. and i have to go back to understand contraction theorem...gah

also thew fact that my comuter took 12 hours to log off, and then loaded up funny again...got me really worried...but i think it's fixed now ..i hope

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